The Coolest Shot Glasses Around

The possibilities are endless with these DIY Ice Shot Glasses. Create your own edible shot glasses to go with your favorite drinks or spirits. Just fill, freeze and use. A simple, fun and affordable way to add some spirit to any party, literally! Use this mold to make cola shot glasses for whiskeys, or lemonade shot glasses for clear liquors and tequilas. Don't limit yourself to liquid, use chocolate, candies or jello too. You can also infuse the shots with spices, herbs and fruits. The possibilities are endless. You can even use them with non-alcoholic drinks and create mini root beer floats, coffee shots, fruit juices that pack a punch, soda mixes and more. Great for parties, tailgating, sports events, pool parties, private events, weddings, spring break, Halloween and more. Get creative with your own wild concoctions and have some frosty fun with our Ice Shot Glasses.


  • Easy to use: Fill with water or juice, then place in freezer
  • Cool Creativity: Create 4 of your own special shot glasses to go with your favorite drink or spirit. 
  • Tasty Treat Maker: Use different ideas and recipes for endless combinations.
  • Not Just for Drinks: Try chocolate, jello and other fun items to make delicious edible shooters
  • Perfect for Parties: Great for birthdays, social gatherings, special events, weddings and more.
  • Makes 4 frozen ice shot glasses
  • Made with food-grade silicone rubber




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