No One Will Ever Know the Difference....

Never worry about sharing your booze again when you’ve got the Sneak Your Alcohol Cruise Flask Foil Pouch 2 Pack Kit with you because no one will even know you have it. This soft flask can be easily filled up with the included funnel and you just simply tuck it away. These durable and leak proof bags won’t spill or puncture accidentally, and you’ll be able to comfortably carry them for the entire evening. Try on a new way to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage and say goodbye to boring old bottles and cans. 


  • Made with non-metallic materials, undetectable by x-Ray scanners, and other detectors.
  • Collapsible, Concealable, Freezable, Floatable, and Puncture Resistant.
  • Bring your own beverages to: Cruises, Stadiums, Concerts, Movie Theaters, Tailgating, Camping, Glass-Free Beaches, Pool, Fishing, Golf, etc.
  • BPA Free - High Quality Food Grade Plastic, Odor Proof, and Leak Proof.
  • Kit includes: Two 32 oz foil flasks and one funnel.


  • 32oz: 7" x 9.5" x 1.9" in. 
  • Funnel: 1.9" x 1.9"x 2.3" in.
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Foil Pouch Kit
Foil Pouch Kit
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