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Give your incessant snorer a break from noise with a Snore Stopper Wristband! A sound sleep relaxes the throat muscles and the tongue, sometimes causing obstructed breathing, which in turn, causes snoring. If you're wondering what to do about snoring, look no further for an easier solution. Worn like a wrist watch, this wristband sends small electrical pulses upon snoring (with a micro-sound detector) and will make a snorer switch position. Over time, the pulses actually train the body to snore less at the release of a pulse, and the pulse is light enough not to wake the sleeper. So now everyone can sleep peacefully with an addition of a Snore Stopper Wristband!


  • Light electrical pulses retrain body to snore less.
  • Requires no lifestyle changes from you.
  • Dimensions: 8" L x 5" W x 2" H.
  • What's Included: Case, Instructions, Screwdriver, Alcohol Prep Pad, Self Adhesive Electrodes, 1 x 'AAA' Battery, and Wrist Band.
  • NOTE: Not suitable for persons that have sleep apnea or heart problems.
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