Don't Dread the Thread

Yes! You're finally going on that dream vacation-- but just when you think you might have to cut out some sightseeing opportunities to accommodate (ugh) baggage claim prices, there's the Spacepak Clothes bag! Reclaim your trip (and your spending money) with a nylon space-saving carry on bag designed to store enough clothing for a two-week trip! How so? Rivets built into the sides of this flight bag allow you to decompress the width of a full bag without wrinkling clothes. And just to be sure you're as ready for your trip as can be, two zippered compartments on each side of the bag house clean clothes and dirty clothes, respectively. Now watch out, [insert destination here], because here comes you with your awesome assortment of clothing and extra money, thanks to a Spacepak Clothes!


  • As seen on The Martha Stewart Show.
  • Air vents allow for ultimate compression for clothes.
  • Material: Nylon.
  • Color Options Blue and Grey.
  • Dimensions: 16" W x 11.25" H x 4.25" D.
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