Star Wars Metal Earth

With the Star Wars Metal Earth model kit, Star Wars lovers can spend hours in their parents’ basements building models of their favorite ships and droids with the set’s pop-out metal pieces. Fun fact, the models do not need glue, so you can use the force to piece together Destroyer Droid, Imperial Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing.  


  • Tiny metal models of your favorite Star Wars ship and droids.
  • Choose from: R2-D2, Millenium Falcon, AT-AT, or Tie fighter
  • Great gift for any Star Wars fan.
  • Pop out the pieces and fit them together.
  • No glue needed!
  • Needle nose pliers recommended for assembly (not included).
  • Each model comes with 2 sheets of metal parts.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate (with lots of patience).
  • For ages 14 and up.


  • R2-D2: 2.5" x 2" x 3"
  • Millennium Falcon: 2.85" x 3.65" x 1.1"
  • AT-AT: 3" x 0.95" x 2.75"
  • TIE Fighter: 2.5" x 2.25" x 1.75"


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