Just Hanging Out

Instead of leaving empty hangers on your clothes rod where they take up valuable space, use the Hanger Hamper to store them out of the way. This unique clothes hanger storage box has a space-saving design that fits in the corner or your closet or laundry room. Made of durable polypropylene, the Hanger Hamper holds a stack of standard or wire hangers 10" high, keeping them handy for when you want them. You can also use the Hanger Hamper to collect wire hangers to return to the dry cleaner, keeping them out of the landfill. When not being used, this clothes hanger storage box folds flat.


  • Hanger Hamper has attached handles for easy carrying to a guest room or to the dry cleaner
  • This clothes hanger storage box is designed to fit into a corner, out of the way
  • The Hanger Hamper can hold wood, plastic, wire, and other standard-size hangers
  • Does not takes up space as you can fold it up
  • Overall: 10'' H x 20'' W x 10'' D


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