The Artistry Of Geometry 

This piece of geometric art will capture and captivate the attention of anyone who sees it. The Themis Mobile allows you to be the builder of your own creation where the only limitation is your own imagination. Just take the printed card-stock and construct the polyhedron shapes and either hang them from the mobile or arrange them in stacks for a piece you can display on a table, desk, or shelf. Each shape is hollow inside and comes in an array of fantastic shades to give your home that pop of color and modern sophistication that only the Themis Mobile can provide. 



  • Modern mobile from Stockholm designer Clara von Zweigbergk
  • Each polyhedron displays a multi-faceted range of colors that change as the shape turns.
  • A striking addition to any hallway, corner or nook needing a splash of modern design.
  • Deconstruct your shapes to display them individually on shelves and walls
  • Assembly instructions and string included.
  • Materials: 100% Recycled Paper Label Stock, Metal, Card Stock 
  • Measurements As packaged: 16.5" L x 12.75" W; Constructed: approx. 16" L x 16" W x 17" H
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