A Single Pop Of Color 

Marvel at this modern art that takes the idea of a baby mobile to completely new dimensions. The Themis Mono Mobile is a contemporary upgrade to the classic mobiles of the past. By utilizing a level of artistry and geometric design that blends together into one seamless piece, you are treated to this twelve-sided, multifaceted shape. The Themis Mono Mobile gives you a pop of twelve distinct colors ranging from brightly-colored hues to cooler and more muted shades. This one piece may seem simple, but the amount of artistic elegance and overall sophistication is endless.  


  • Inspired by the geometric design of a 12-sided dodecahedron.
  • Composed of different colors on each side, ranging from pastels to bright fluorescents.
  • Place it on a side table, hang it from a ceiling, or use it to teach kids about colors and shapes.
  • Comes in a 2D package that is easily assembled into a 3D format.
  • Designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk.
  • Printed on wood-free paper with high quality spot-printed inks.
  • Measures: 12” x 12” (30 cm x 30 cm)




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