Do You Speak Travel?

If you're looking for a basic desk globe, look no further than the Traveler Globe. Placed on a smoke-colored stand, this world globe includes everything you'd expect from a globe-- country lines, an equator, lines of latitude and longitude-- as well as the topography of the world. While it's not exactly Braille, it still speaks to you in a way looking a world map couldn't. What will it say to you? "Easter Island is in the middle of nowhere"? "The four corner states are Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona"? "Estonia is a real country??"? Who knows but you'll never know without a Traveler Globe!


  • Great tool for high school and college students.
  • Smoke black plastic base.
  • Weight: 1.7lb
  • Dimensions: 13" W x 16" H x 12" D.
  • To ensure the best quality, all Replogle Globes orders are sent directly to the manufacturer and specially made to order.
  • Please be advised that all Globe orders can take up 7-10 days to dispatch and ship out, meaning a globe order can take up to 3 weeks to receive
  • These items cannot be shipped to a PO BOX, AK, HI, VI, GU or PR
  • International orders will take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery
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