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No more need for those silly wine charms to which no one pays attention or that manage to fall into the onion dip during enthusiastic conversations. With Wine Glass Writers everyone can write their own name directly on the glass. These remarkable metallic markers won’t smudge and only take between 1 and 3 minutes to dry, just long enough for that wine to breathe.  There are three different dazzling colors in each marker set and they're non-toxic, too.  When the party's over, the names simply wash off with soap and a sponge.  All we can say is…write on, Wine Glass Writers.  Write on.


  • Washes off easily with soap and a sponge
  • Write above the pour line for chilled wines
  • Non-toxic, conforms to ASTM - D4236
  • Metallic colors for each set:
    Original - Gold, Emerald Green & Silver
    Spring - Pinot, Wild Flower Purple & Sky Blue

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